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Voice Services

Oceanic has fully integrated IP-PBX solution including an on-line billing platform. Customers can see their current credit level real time or an ISP can allocate credit tokens and SIP numbers for customer phones.

We use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) to terminate GSM or WiFi mobile phones. Our backhaul is typically satellite which terminates with different carriers in Australia and the USA. Low-cost outbound calling allows us to be competitive. We also terminate inbound traffic for certain countries using our carrier partners in Australia, Hong Kong and the USA.

Our VoIP service can provide Australian-based direct-in-dial numbers and can use mobile WiFi phones. The service can be totally autonomous to Telstra or Optus and has features such as Virtual PABX functions for small businesses.

Oceanic Broadband Solutions offer cost-effective business-grade Voice Over IP solutions for small businesses.

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