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World Vision in the South Pacific

Eighteen sites in the South Pacific (East Timor, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea). Oceanic provides a 'pool of dedicated internet bandwidth' for all World Vision sites.  This allows email, web access and VoIP low…

Liquified Natural Gas Field in PNG

Papua New Guinea Liquified Natural Gas project is a new gas project being championed by Exxon/Mobil Australia Pty Ltd. View success story for Altai

Tarawa Hospital, Kiribati Broadband VSAT

Tarawa Hospital, Kiribati recently reaped the benefits of having a new Oceanic Broadband VSAT Installation built on their Hospital grounds.The Kiribati's Minister for Health, Kautu has provided a glowing report and said "'s really a…

NICTA Presents Gateway Licence

NICTA (National Information Communication Technology Authority) of Papua New Guinea present Tony Waters CEO of Oceanic with their Gateway Licence to operate in PNG.  

Newcrest Mining purchase Oceanic VSAT

Newcrest Mining have purchased an Oceanic Flyaway VSAT product and use this in PNG. View Flyaway VSAT for Newcrest  View Flyaway GSM Base Station

Cheeky Monkey 'filming' the camera man

Oceanic Broadband was contracted by the BBC to provide satellite video uplink in remote Sri Lanka.  Whilst camera man Gavin Thurston was setting up his shot for Planet Earth Live, the local toque macaques in Sri Lanka…


Self-contained Community Internet Centre

The Universal Access was a project in Vanuatu for a fully self-contained (solar, battery, VSAT for Internet and PC's) building for community Internet Centre.     View Universal Communication Access for South Pacific      

School Trials Video-on-Demand

Oceanic provide Video-on-Demand trial for Brighton Grammar School. The solution uses iPads to access a secure library of Back to Basics education tutorials. The software allows smart reporting of when the tutorial was viewed, for…

Now we have internet on Pulau Pef!

Raja4divers, a new resort on one of the most beautiful islands Pulau Pef in the Raja Ampat, West Papua now has broadband internet, thanks to Oceanic Broadband.   This entire video was recorded, edited on…


Australian Government Northern Territory

Australian Government Northern Territory Education Project Oceanic Broadband Solutions Pty Ltd recently won a tender from the Northern Territory Education department to deploy a solar/wind powered outdoor wireless network on Elcho Island.The project was for homeland…

The National Bank of Vanuatu

The National Bank of Vanuatu continue doing business while other banks are cutoff with unreliable data and voice communication National Bank of VanuatuWith unreliable data and voice communication between 22 branches across Vanuatu, the National…

Foxtel approves Oceanic Broadband

Foxtel approves Oceanic Broadband as IPTV integrator for Verimatrix VCAS system.(MMD Newswire) November 25, 2008 - Oceanic specialise in Triple Play (Internet, Voice and IPTV) services for remote/isolated areas (MMD Newswire) November 25, 2008 - Oceanic specialise…